‘My apologies’: Marie Sock pulls out of Darboe’s attempt to dispute election, congratulates President Barrow


Marie Sock has pulled out of a coalition that is looking to reject the election of President Adama Barrow by Gambians.

UDP leader Darboe and his political coalition that comprises Marie Sock and BB Darbo’s GFA as well as Mamma Kandeh and Essa Faal held a press conference on Sunday to reject the election results.

But Marie Sock wrote today: “Good morning my beautiful Gambia, it is a beautiful day, new beginnings and lots of hope for the future of The Gambia, let us be positive in whatever we do and advocate for peace!

“This was a great journey for me and truly, I felt the love of my fellow brothers and sisters of The Gambia.

“Gambians have selected a leader H.E Adama Barrow, and as a Gambian, I am wishing him well and hope that all that he promised for the good of The Gambia is realized during his second term.

“My apologies to people offended by my stance, I am only human and some of my actions were geared towards the love of my country.

“To my supporters, thank you for standing with me, struggling with me, laughing and crying with me, it is quite a journey and I love you all dearly .. The Journey continues…”